Your farmers

We are Michael and Sally Knight, husband and wife, city dwellers who have chosen like many to leave our city jobs behind and return to the land.  

In October 2008 we started on our journey of building an organic farm in Stirling, Ontario.  

We spent eight years running a 24 week, 64 member CSA, bulk vegetable boxes in the winter months along with pasture raising chickens, turkey and Berkshire pigs.

By no means is this journey over....
In the Winter of 2017 we decided to do something a little crazy and take on one more rather large life adventure! 

We sold our farm and packed Strattons Farm into a 40ft container, loaded our herd of goats into a trailer and moved our farm 1800kms to Granville Centre in the Annapolis Valley.....

We employ organic growing methods to provide you and your families with nutritionally dense vegetables. We farm with a walk behind tractor and lots of hand tools, we use permanent raised bed that allows us to build and nourish the soil we grow in.
Our animals are raised on pasture to allow them to show their natural "animalness"!   

Our market garden is in the middle of its transition period to become Certified Organic with ECOCert.  

Our vegetables are grown using only certified organic or sustainable grown seed.  We grow using no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.  We fertilize our market garden using kelp,  glacial rock dust, greensand, certified organic compost and green manures.