Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our farm is home to the 'Knotty Ash' herd of Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  

Nigerians are a miniature breed of West African ancestry.  Thought to have been a food source for feeding the big cats that where shipped over to the US, the survivors originally lived in zoos.

Nigerians have since become popular for their small size, great milk and easy to handle personalities.  For their size Nigerians produce high quantities of milk with the highest levels of butterfat content, ranging between 6-10% 

Since butterfat is what gives milk its sweet flavor, it’s the sweetest, richest milk of all the dairy breeds.  

This makes their milk excellent for drinking, cheese and soap making. 


Meet our herd


Thistle Creek Cosmo Amante
Sire: Calico Creek Indian Ocean
Dam: Thistle Creek Lilies and Lace


Cedar Glen Elly

Cedar Glen Elly

Sire: Veliraf P'S Sassafra
Dam: Cedar Glen Holly


Fox Hollow Dawn (aka Eva)
Sire: Hames & Axle YR Ridgerunner
Dam: Cedar Glen Nancy


Knotty Ash Fleur

Sire: Cedar Glen Max
Dam: Cedar Glen Elly


Knotty Ash Tilly

Sire: Cedar Glen Max
Dam: Cedar Glen Elly


Knotty Ash Matilda
Sire : Thistle Creek Cosmo Amante
Dam: Knotty Ash Tilly


Further KWB Wild Flower (aka llsa)
Sire: Kyeema Ridge Wild Bill Hickok
Dam: Further DM Pouring Velvet


Further KWB Poppy
Sire: Kyeema Ridge Rock Steady
Dam: Further DR Built to Last